1. Meganium – Truelly this Pokemon is on here because of its rad looks alone. Being my first starter on Gold it was a huge hit for me all the way around. And with its nice even stats and nice moves this pokemon had some kick behind it and helped through my journey in Gold many a time.
  2. Typhlosion – Always wished this pokemon had some more power but it was pretty awesome in battle none the less. Was my 1st LV100 in Silver and became quite the team member. I must say it is a fighter and I love training them.
  3. Aridos – Your probaby thinking another bug and a spider this time? Yep and I dont like them in real life but Aridos always stood out to me as this cool poison thing that always seemed to be useful if I wanted to poison the crap out of someone’s pokemon just to weakon it faster.
  4. Crobat – This bat like pokemon was an all time favorite growing up and was a Hall Of Fame winner and great battler all around. With okay stats and moves it has become a team mascot almost.
  5. Togepi – You ask why? Looks alone. This little cute egg, round, squealing ball of cuteness stole my heart minute I hatched this thing. Yes I understand its stats are for the dogs and moves arent any better but I only keep it around because of its cuteness. I am a true girl.
  6. Ampharos – Okay this cute powerful thing was my Pikachu. It was always in my team and battled allot. I loved Amphy and I still do. Stats and moves wise it wasnt that bad for a Electric but was better all the way around then a stinking Pikachu.
  7. Umbreon – This dark Eeveelution was an all time favorite growing up through Gold. I loved and trained the heck out of my Eevee for this guy and about squealed when I got it. Umbreon has become like my mascot from backgrounds on phones and computer to figurines. I love it. In battle its pretty decent too and has been a Elite Four regular for me.
  8. Houndoom – It a Fire and its a dark dog….. That sums it up. this kick butt design of a dog was instantly a fave for me. Now its kick butt Mega has definately kicked that to another level. Its stats were not bad but its Mega again boosts it. Moves wise it was nice. Romel was my first Houndoom and he kicked butt through the game and Elite Four and became a nice retired training LV100 in my team.
  9.  Raikou – Of course I had to put an Electric/ Dog/ Legendary in here. Raikou is probably my favorite legendary in this whole game. Its design and stats back it up as well and I dont think people appreciate it enough. You see all this jazz about the other two dogs but nothing really on him.
  10.  Ho-Oh – This pokemon was my main Legendary in Pokemon Gold and was a beast to catch. Stats and moves wise there are many chances for it to pull through. It pulls through many times.
  1. Charizard – This was my first starter in my Red version because it looked cute and I saw its final evolution and thought power. Over the years this pokemon has shown me its not just a pretty face. Babygirl a Charmander I had in Gold turned out to be a very good battler and over the years I have had many after her. With Decent stats and move pool and now a neat Mega Evolution that introduced Dragon into it.
  2.  Butterfree – I know I know people are probably thinking really you picked a bug pokemon next after that? Well Butterfree reminds me of my mother who loves Butterflies. So everytime I look at this pokemon no matter how close or near to her I am I have something that reminds me of her. In battle this pokemon isnt great I mean doesnt have the stats to back it up and its move pool is pretty weak but its always been a nice little addition.
  3.  Pidgeot – This pokemon is my all time favorite bird we have and because of looks and it was my very first LV100 I had trained. With decent speed and the rest of its stats being okay it an okay battler but I usually use it as a last resort after everyone else.
  4.  Arbok – I know your thinking that I started off strong and then have lost my mind but Arbok for some reason has always been a favorite and Im not sure why. I dont like snakes in Real Life but maybe its becauseI have always thought Cobras were an interesting type of snake. Also its always depected in movies and I dont know I like it. It has okay stats but again not something you just throw into the Elite Four battles.
  5.  Ninetales – Ninetales is just a neat looking dog poemon you have to admit. Its stats and stats arent that great but for a nine tailed fox/Dog creature its pretty cool. And having a LV100 just say you have one for me is cool enogh that I dont care about its a weak link to a team.
  6.   Persian – I just think I liked this pokemon because it was a sassy type creature on the show and is a pretty cat at that. In battle it has the speed but thats about it thats going for it.
  7.  Arcanine – Its a fire dog…… That was enough for me to want a Growlithe no matter how long it took me to find the little thing. Arcanine was a way to have my own dog that was a fire breather as well. My Arcanine in Red was quite a hit in my party and was a decent member that was for sure with pretty nice stats.
  8.  Rapidash – Well this one is lame but a nice addition. This Pokemon was because I loved horses and it was a horse at that which made it even better. With Nice attack and speed its pretty decent in battle and has nice flex in its move pool.
  9.  Marowak – This pokemon just looked amazing and I wanted it. Especially after knowing the ghost was this pokemon made me want it that much more. Over the years this little bone thrower has become a key member of my teams and showing its strength time and time again. Nice Defense and not really much else going for it but its a pretty cool little first ground Pokemon.
  10.  Ditto – Yep you read it right, Ditto. While yourprobably thinking WTH are you thinking let me explain.Its a blob of something that can breed to pretty much anything and can become anything. As a child that was a big deal because maybe if I got one I could have anything I wanted. Lol childish I know but was a fave. Now it trains in the Daycare and gives me pretty babies.

Pokemon Tag

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  1. What is your favorite Pokemon Type? Dragon all the way
  2. What is your favorite Region? Hoenn
  3. Which Pokemon Games Do You Own? Yellow, Gold, Red, Silver, Platinum, Pearl, Diamond, Emerald, Sapphire, Ruby, Black, White 2, Pokemon Y and Alpha Sapphire.
  4. In the games, which gender do you normally play as? Girl
  5. Do you watch the Anime? Sometimes
  6. How many have you seen in the PokeDex of your latest game? 38
  7. In that Game how many owned in the Pokedex? 14
  8. Do you even like Pokemon? Yes
  9. Do You collect the Trading Cards? Yes
  10. If you have the trading cards, do you play or collect? I used to play now I just collect I would love to start playing again
  11. Do you draw Pokemon? Sometimes
  12. What is your favorite Pokemon? Kyogre and Dragonaire
  13. What is your second favorite? Flygon
  14. What is your Favorite Legendary? Kyogre
  15. What is your second favorite? Rayquaza
  16. Do you know what #493 in the Pokedex is? Arceus
  17. Would you rather have a Meowth or a Growlithe? Growlithe
  18. Do any of your relatives play Pokemon? No
  19. How often do you think about Pokemon? Often
  20. Do you hide that you like Pokemon from your RL friends? Nope they all know I like Pokemon
  21. What Pets do you have that resemble a Pokemon? I used to have a cat we named Skitty
  22. What Pokemon Do you hate the most? Zubat
  23. Which Eeveelution do you like the best? Umbreon
  24. What Castform Forme do you like the best? Snowy
  25. Which Deoxy’s forme do you like the best? Speed
  26. Articuno, Zapdos or Moltres? Moltres
  27. Lugia or Ho-Oh? Ho-Oh
  28. Which two people will you tag? Anyone reading this